Introducing YouTour Version 5.0

Version 5 brings together over 3 years of R&D into making what we believe is the world’s most sophisticated virtual tour platform for education.

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A parent visiting your school for the very first time will meet the principal, take a tour around your campus and be handed a prospectus and enrolment information to take home. YouTour virtualises this complete experience with our new Virtual Tour Microsite Platform. Giving prospective parents everything they need to know about your school in one place. They can meet the principal, take a virtual tour, view your school videos and get all of the parent resources they need.


Presenting the data from your tour, simply and visually

It all starts with an impressive 3D map, that displays all of your visitors graphically from all over the world. Get greater detail of where your users are coming from and identify key growth areas from your map’s data. You can also change the time period for the map to see how an advertising campaign went the previous week and see how effective it was on your map.

You can see all of the key metrics related to your YouTour’s performance. Such as your unique user count, call to action clickthroughs and graphs highlighting your most viewed locations. See every virtual footstep each user takes through your facility. Each timestamped event allows you to learn where users are walking and interacting with your facility LIVE!

YouTour now supports Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Tracking.
Now you can continue to track your users once they leave the YouTour site.

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With QR codes now widely adopted, we created a new feature which allows you to take any printed material like your prospectus or print ads and convert them to interactive experiences. These aren’t just plain QR codes. You can choose from a variety of shapes, colours, and styles that reflect your unique brand, and even embed your logo.

You can place your unique QR codes throughout your prospectus. So when parents are reading about your junior school, they can take the 'Junior School' tour right from that page. And what’s more, every unique QR code scan is logged with our analytics, so you can identify which parts of your school are most attractive to prospective parents.

YouTour Player

The Enhanced YouTour Experience

With this new version, our dev team took the opportunity to update the YouTour player. We’ve improved our landscape mode for mobile devices, and shrunk the UI, so your users can focus more on your flythroughs.

One of our most requested new features is something that we’re calling ‘Jump Ahead’. With Version 5, you can choose where each user starts their journey, getting to experience flying through a location before stopping to see a 360.

We’re also proud to announce Full Accessibility Support. Now users with vision or hearing impairments can navigate your YouTour with ease. This includes subtitles with multi language support, so you can reach both English and non-english speaking users in your local and overseas markets.

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Many of our clients have asked us for a way to show their tours offline, when they are travelling to regional areas, expos or going overseas without an internet connection. So we’ve created an offline iOS app, engineered from the ground up specifically for iPad.  Now you can take all of your tours on a device, ready for offline viewing wherever you go.

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Transform your tour into an incredible immersive experience

Your users can now view your facility as if they were really there. You can take this to trade shows, shopping centres or expos so you can stand out from the crowd and be truly unforgettable. All you need is the headset and the hand controls. There are no bulky wires or units to take around - it’s lightweight, comfortable and frictionless.

It’s truly incredible to see your tour from this new perspective

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